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Due to Covid-19 virus measures, the reshaped research programme Values for Survival, explores thinking and design with which we can live and survive the current times of uncertainty and not-knowing. The results will be published in this online dossier, in a series of articles, cahiers and note- or logbooks. The editorial design of these cahiers is jointly created by Huda AbiFarès and Caroline Nevejan.

Caroline Nevejan on Values ​​for Survival:

When sharing values, people move in the same direction while doing their own thing. Values help us navigate the complex landscapes that are today’s cities. Values drive motivation and collaboration, representing concepts people consciously or unconsciously share. Values function in clusters and they represent concepts that people know consciously or unconsciously. For example, the values that are assigned to the term ‘human' are related to the term ‘nature'. Values define languages, cultures, infrastructures and architectures. They are fundamental to research, policy and design. On different levels and in different contexts, values help to steer us towards well-being and survival.


Values for Survival

Cahier 1

Cahier 1 brings together a great diversity of voices around a number of urgent social, urban, and ecological issues. Reflections from the worlds of policy, research, and design contextualise the main question of the 17th International Architecture Exhibition of La Biennale di Venezia, 'How will we live together?' as well as the counter question posed in the Dutch pavilion, 'Who is we?'

Values, Knowledge and Relationships: The Keys to Environmental Vision

"These circumstances call for different approaches than local governments are accustomed to. What are the pitfalls here? What processes, instruments and other conditions are needed for them to succeed? " A conversation on the Environment and Planning Act.


Cahier 2

From May to August 2020 an international group of designers, scientists, artists, and activists will work together online to explore the values behind specific social, urban, and ecological issues affecting Venice, as well as other parts of the world. We Are Here Venice is a partner in the programme. 

Polyphonic Cities

Public values for an inclusive environmental vision

Polyphonic Cities reflects on the future of the city, and the need to think about the values behind urban development in a fundamentally different way

Learning Together from the Environment and Planning Act

Municipal thinkers and doers met online to explore spatial and democratic possibilities and difficulties concerning the environmental vision.

Guus Beumer, artistic director Het Nieuwe Instituut
Francien van Westrenen, head of Agency Het Nieuwe Instituut
Afaina de Jong, architect and researcher; Debra Solomon, artist and researcher
Richard Niessen
Eric Roelen
Caroline Nevejan, Chief Science Officer City of Amsterdam; Klaas Kuitenbrouwer, senior researcher Het Nieuwe Instituut